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Minster Matters Recommended Downloads


Below you will find a listing of the freeware we have recommended over previous issues and also other programs, we have tried and tested, that we have found useful, and could be of benefit to our readers.

A great assortment of programs can be downloaded from here: FILEHIPPO plenty of older versions as well -  It's well worth bookmarking their homepage

Programs Recommended in the Magazine

Nov 08 - Ubuntu Installation This is now a direct link to the Ubuntu Website

The following programs are stored on our own server
Use supplied Web links to check for later versions

June 09 - the 4 suggested programs have now been removed

02/05/15 All links checked and various programs updated

Sept 08
July 08
Openoffice at 7/ below
July 08
inc 'fix'
May 08
CopyTrans -replaces Floola
March 08
February 08
November 07
Safari - final version for Win
October 07
September 07
August 07
July 07
June 07
May 07

Other Freeware we have Tried and Tested

The following are programs that we in Minster Matters Computer Corner use and recommend. Just click whichever ones you require to download them to your own computer.

We have also included links direct to the original websites (where available) for you to be able to check for newer versions if you so wish,
and we have also included separate Manuals and Help Files where available

Do you know of a Freeware program that we might like to include here ?
Let us know - See Contact page for details of how

If you find any of these useful to you. Please let us know - thank you

1/ Antivirus/Antispyware/AntiMalware Programs

AVG Antivirus  :  AVG Website :  Setup Instructions

Windows Defender : (Microsoft Product for XP)
Zonealarm (Firewall): Website

Adaware : Website  :  Spybot : Website
Spywareblaster : Website  :  


2/ Registry/File Cleaners

Easy Cleaner : Website  :  CCleaner : Website
Eusing Registry Cleaner : Website


3/ Norton Software Removal Tool
(Genuine Norton Product - Removes All Norton Programs)
Norton Removal Tool : Website


4/ Essential Backup Programs

Outlook Express Backup Prog 1 : Website
Driver Backup : (link not available at present)
Outlook Express Backup Prog 2 : (no longer available on the web)


5/ Various Useful Programs
Zsoft Uninstaller (Website): a good uninstaller
which is quicker and easier than Microsofts own Add/Remove Programs,
Belarc Advisor (Website) : a PC Audit program,
File Eraser (Website) : does what its name implies, very securely,
Font Viewer (Website) : great for checking out your fonts,
CD to MP3 Converter (Website) : just right for converting
your favourite CD's to MP3's for your player,
Firefox Browser (Website) : an alternate Web Browser to Internet Explorer,
Skype (Website) : will enable you to speak to friends
on the other side of the world for free,
Coffeecup Zip : a very nice little Zip utility program,
Read Only : will batch convert Read Only files
to an editable format or vice versa. Especially useful
when transferring files from a CD backup

Note: Coffeecup Zip and Read Only  
are both freeware versions that are no longer available on the web.
The very latest versions must be paid for, but these both do the job well


6/ Image Manipulation and Indexing Programs

Picasa Website  :  The Gimp : (Help file) : Website


7/ Desktop Publishing/Office Suite Programs

The following 4 programs are free from the Serif Website
This is the Software we use to publish Minster Matters
albeit we use, paid for, later versions.
REMEMBER to Download this pdf file as it contains the necessary
Serial Numbers for the Serif Programs (PDF FILE)
listed below
Pageplus  :  Photoplus
Drawplus  :  Webplus

Office Suites
Libreoffice  : Website
Open Office  : Website
Both are free alternatives to Microsoft Office
and both open Mircosoft Files
personally we tend to use Libreoffice now as our preference between the two

Are you looking for something we don't have listed?
Let us know and we will see what we can do

If you find any links that do not work please let us know
so as we might fix them
We hope you find these programs useful.
We use all of these so can recommend them without fear.